Saturday, February 28, 2009

Food and stuff..

So today John and I went to Target and the grocery store - no I didn't go to the gym like I wanted but I didn't have the time once John got home, but I am for sure going tomorrow!

So at Target we bought a food scale and a real scale. I had only intended on buying a cheapy scale but no, I saw them and fell in love with one. It tells you your body fat percent, water percent, muscle mass, and bone mineral mass. Talk about sweet! It stores all that information plus your weight for up to 4 people. I wasn't totally shocked when I saw the body fat percent but it still sucked. Oh well, can't bitch and complain about it - I have to DO something about it!

Then we went to the grocery store and we bought a mass amount of fruits and vegetables. We got: Bananas, oranges, apples, grapes, cantaloupe, pineapple, green onion (yummy in a salad), mushrooms, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, carrots, and cucumber. We already had lettuce and spinach at home for the base of a salad so we didn't need to pick that up. We also got light dressing, almonds for some crunch, Raisin Bran cereal, chicken breast tenders, turkey bacon (so good!), yogurt, 2 smartones, and some lean pockets.

After we got home I started prepping everything - I cut up the fruits and vegetables and cooked some chicken so that it is all ready to go to either throw into a salad or be able to snacked on. I didn't want to give myself any excuses to not do this and follow through. I am seriously proud of myself. I have some grilled chicken and some boiled chicken, and I also hard boiled some eggs - such a great snack and awesome in a salad.

So yeah, that is what we did today. We had BBQ for dinner since we are going on Weight Watchers for sure on Sunday so I am definately going to go to the gym tomorrow and hit the elliptical - I need to burn some major calories. It was a nice "one last" indulgence and worth the added time at the gym but it definately will not be a regular occurance.



Sunny said...

Yum, your groceries sound delicious! Good luck on Weight Watchers! I've heard good things about it. Wishing you much success on your weight loss journey. :)