Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This week..

I'm hoping that this week I will get a lot of the clutter out of my house. I have so much stuff and nowhere to put anything so it is either going to be sold (yard sale), given to good will or thrown out!!! Today I have a bunch of stuff I need to do since I was slacking the past few weeks what with being sick and not being home.. and well, just being lazy.

To Do List:
5 loads of laundry
Clean bathrooms
Prep Food
Clean Living Room
Clean up Bedroom
Reorganize and clean out Kitchen
Sweep and Mop Kitchen and Bathrooms
Put Christmas Boxes in Garage
Put away Camping Stuff
Make a good dent on the office

I have so much stuff to do that I don't want to but I really do need to this done. Once it is done I won't have it hanging over my head anymore and I will feel so much better. I can't wait until the garage and office are clean and I can have my makeup in there instead of in my bedroom. It is a daunting task and I feel overwhelmed but if I take it just a little bit at a time, hopefully I will be able to get through it all.

I have a couple of food prep videos that need to be edited and I need to do a weigh in video. PS - it's bad! =[

Okay.. gotta get this stuff done!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crushed, but it's all my fault.

I just got on the scale... and I've gained 4 pounds. :(

I'm going to the gym tonight, first time in 2 1/2 weeks. I'm going to the store to get fruit and veggies and going to eat only that for the next few days until we leave for our camping trip. I feel like I have completely let myself and you guys down. But hey, I can't beat myself up too much because at least I am recognizing what is going on and I can help myself get back into gear. As long as I get back on the wagon, that is all that anyone can ask of me, and all I can ask of myself.

I made a week 2 & 3 weigh in video last night and tried to upload it but something happened with YouTube and it said there was an error so I am about to retry it. It will probably take several hours for it to upload so be patient! :)

Thanks for all of your support.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Week 3 on Weight Watchers.

So.... I recorded a video about week 2 and was going to post it but something is going on with my editing software and/or webcam and it would skip parts while just playing it back to see what needed to be edited. It was really frustrating and this isn't the first time it has happened! Well, I am buying my camcorder today and should get it in on Tuesday, so I will make a week 2 and 3 video on Tuesday when I get it.

Week 3 sucked. I didn't do anything I really supposed to. I was sick and I just didn't care. I couldn't go to the gym cuz I didn't feel good and then I didn't want to eat the stuff I should. I didn't go hog wild but at the time time, I could have done a lot better. I was really nervous when I got on the scale today, I just knew I was going to gain weight and was just praying that I stayed out of the 270s. Well I stayed out of the 270s WOOO HOO! But I also actually lost weight. I lost 1.2 pounds. I know it isn't a lot but I did a really crappy job this last week so I was happy. I am going to put my butt in high gear though so that next week will be a lot better =] Also, I lost 3.875 inches in the last 2 weeks!!!

Total weight lost: 9 pounds
Total inches lost: 9.875

The inches lost at from all over my body. =]

Thanks for all your support! You guys help me feel accountable and want to do a lot better. I promise, week 4 will be better =]


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Second week on Weight Watchers/Update

Okay... I know, I know! I have been completly MIA for the past few weeks, here and on YouTube.

I've been really into the Twilight Series books, and I finished Breaking Dawn last night. It is the best one by far. I had heard it was the best but as I was reading it (in the beginning) I didn't understand what was so great about it, then it finally clicked. Right now I'm reading Midnight Sun. It is the 5th book I suppose you could say. It is Twilight from Edward's veiwpoint. It is really good. It isn't finished, someone had leaked it on the internet and Stephenie Meyer had decided that she it would be put on hold indefinately. I'm really dissapointed about that because it is an amazing book. I love the insight into the inner workings of Edward's mind. I really hope that she will someday finish it and then maybe even write the other three books from the series in his point of view as well. Especially New Moon - that would be interesting!! Anyway, you can it at It is under the Midnight Sun section and you can download it to PDF. You can't print it, unless you can hack the encryption, but you can save it to your computer and read it.

Enough about Twilight - although I could talk about it forever.

My computer had been gone for nearly 2 weeks, back to Dell, to fix some issues I was having with the keyboard, touchpad, power supply, and to fix a USB port. Well, they only fixed the USB port and the power supply. So John is calling them and telling them they need to send someone to fix this stuff - the main reason no videos have been up in the past few weeks. I was on John's computer while mine was gone but his doesn't have the same software that mine has so I couldn't make any videos. I promise though, I will try.

I'm currently getting over being sick. EWW!! I want and need to go to the gym so bad
but the last few nights especially were horrible. Today I'm feeling better so I might go, let's pray I will be able to. =]

Anyway, my second week on Weight Watchers but okay. I kind of fell off the wagon after coming back from Disneyland but I'm trying to get back on it! I'm trying to drink my water and I have no real reason to not do so other than I forget. So, I had gained 4+ pounds after Disneyland and was really devestated. I knew I would probably gain some weight but I didn't think it would be that much since in 2.5 days, we walked over 25 miles, but I did. Well on Saturday I weighed myself and I lost those 4+ pounds and an additional 1.6! I'm very pleased. 1.6 is a great weight loss period, but to lose that (Saturday to Saturday) when I had gained weight back felt really good. I knew I would lose some of the 4 pounds but didn't think I would lose all of it or even lose more than that. So total, I am down 7.8 pounds in 2 weeks - pretty good if I do say so myself!

I haven't measured myself but I think John and I have decided that we will weigh ourselves every Saturday and measure every other Saturday since it can be a bit time consuming.

Anyway, that is what is going on for now. Hopefully this week will be better. I'm not sure I'll get in my hours at the gym this month (the 12 in the ticker) but I want to get as close to that as possible.

Thanks for all your support!


Friday, March 13, 2009

First week of Weight Watchers.

So my first week on Weight Watchers was pretty successful!

I lost:
6.2 pounds
6 inches
2 off chest
2.5 off waist
.25 off calf
1.25 off hips

I was seriously in shock!

But... then we went to Disneyland. I tried to be good but it was a bit hard. So when I got back on Tuesday, I weighed myself and I had gained some weight, even with all the walking. I figured it would happen but it's okay. I'm going to the gym tonight and tomorrow and trying to burn off some serious calories and serious pounds. As long as I haven't gained back the 6.2 pounds, I will feel okay about it.

We ate all the food that we had bought and it made the transition so much easier. I kind of fell off the wagon a bit due to Disneyland but I'm getting back on it.

We are going again March 28-30 for our anniversary and I'm a little nervous. But I figure that now that I know what happened, I can try harder to prevent it. I will eat more salad, drink more water, and try to be better in general with the whole thing.

Sorry this is a late, tomorrow is my week 2 weigh in, but we were so busy this weekend and I didn't feel like getting on the computer - what with reading the Twilight Series.

I'm already on Eclipse (the 3rd book) and I started last Friday night. Also, I have watched the movie twice, last night to be exact. I just couldn't wait for John anymore. So yeah, that's what's been going on. I will post my new results tomorrow when I find out. It might be Sunday though, not sure.

Thanks for all your support everyone!

♥ pFm ♥

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gym in the morning

I went to the gym this morning! I did this all over body cross trainer thingy and man it kicked my butt! I wanted to quit so many times but I did a full 20 minutes and didn't give up. =] I am soooo proud of myself.

Anyway, I'm going to try to stay up today (I didn't go to sleep tonight at all) but I'm not sure if I can make it.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

GRRR. It's 1:45 and I want food.

Okay I know its late and I shouldn't be eating because it is bad for me to eat at such a late hour - in my defense, I sleep until noonish usually because I stay up so late. It is a really bad cycle that I need to quit. Anyway.. I am addicted to Pasta Roni. The Angel Hair with Parmesan Cheese to be exact. I could eat the 3 times a day, every day for the rest of my life and be in heaven. Well, it is like a million points! So, I have some activity points that I can "cash in" to have extra indulgences but I'm sure I want to. I was having such a hard time tonight with this that I went into the bedroom (I'm in the living room) and woke John up to help me deal with this. So I decided that getting on the scale might deter me. It did but not because of why I thought it would have. I'm so confused!

A few posts ago I wrote about our awesome new scale. It takes your weight, body fat percent, muscle mass percent, water percent, and bone mineral percent. Talk about cool. So I get on and it says I have lost 2.4 pounds. Woo hoo!!! Like BIG time. It has only been since Saturday at like midnight (Friday night/Saturday morning). So, I was really happy but when I wrote down my numbers and compared them, I got super confused and I'm hoping you guys can help me.

So, I lost 2.4 pounds. My fat % stayed EXACTLY the same. My water % went down 1.4. My muscle % went up 1.4. And my bone mineral % stayed the same. I thought the weight loss might be due to water weight since the percentage went down and I have been sweating during my workouts. But if that is the case then how come I lost weight when my fat stayed the same and my muscle increased? #1- How did my fat stay the same?! Oh well gotta work harder at the gym I suppose. #2- Which weighs more? Water or muscle? #3- How in the world does my scale actually work?!

So yeah, I'm totally confused. I think I'm just going to watch one more episdoe of Friends, drink some water, and then go to sleep... maybe I'll take a bubble bath with Vanilla Cupcake - that would be nice.

Anyway, thanks for reading this and if you have any ideas, please let me know. =]


PS: My keyboard is kind of messed up. I have to really concentrate on the "U" to get it to go, so if there is one missing where there should be one, that's the reason. I tried to get them all, but I'm not sure. =]

Vanilla Hair Part 2

Okay.. so I bought the Organix shampoo. $6.99 per 13 oz bottle at Target. A little pricy but definately cheaper than salon products. I have only used it once so I can't review it yet, but I definately will!


PS: The smell is amazing!

Monday, March 2, 2009

I love Sunny!

Okay, so one of my friends, Sunny, is on blogger and she is aweseome. I couldn't figure out for the life of me how to get my ticker/trackers in the side bar. I had seen that she had one on her blog and I asked her how she did it. She told me (super easy too!) and now I have it. I adore her! So Sunny, you are currently my favorite! =]