Tuesday, March 3, 2009

GRRR. It's 1:45 and I want food.

Okay I know its late and I shouldn't be eating because it is bad for me to eat at such a late hour - in my defense, I sleep until noonish usually because I stay up so late. It is a really bad cycle that I need to quit. Anyway.. I am addicted to Pasta Roni. The Angel Hair with Parmesan Cheese to be exact. I could eat the 3 times a day, every day for the rest of my life and be in heaven. Well, it is like a million points! So, I have some activity points that I can "cash in" to have extra indulgences but I'm sure I want to. I was having such a hard time tonight with this that I went into the bedroom (I'm in the living room) and woke John up to help me deal with this. So I decided that getting on the scale might deter me. It did but not because of why I thought it would have. I'm so confused!

A few posts ago I wrote about our awesome new scale. It takes your weight, body fat percent, muscle mass percent, water percent, and bone mineral percent. Talk about cool. So I get on and it says I have lost 2.4 pounds. Woo hoo!!! Like BIG time. It has only been since Saturday at like midnight (Friday night/Saturday morning). So, I was really happy but when I wrote down my numbers and compared them, I got super confused and I'm hoping you guys can help me.

So, I lost 2.4 pounds. My fat % stayed EXACTLY the same. My water % went down 1.4. My muscle % went up 1.4. And my bone mineral % stayed the same. I thought the weight loss might be due to water weight since the percentage went down and I have been sweating during my workouts. But if that is the case then how come I lost weight when my fat stayed the same and my muscle increased? #1- How did my fat stay the same?! Oh well gotta work harder at the gym I suppose. #2- Which weighs more? Water or muscle? #3- How in the world does my scale actually work?!

So yeah, I'm totally confused. I think I'm just going to watch one more episdoe of Friends, drink some water, and then go to sleep... maybe I'll take a bubble bath with Vanilla Cupcake - that would be nice.

Anyway, thanks for reading this and if you have any ideas, please let me know. =]


PS: My keyboard is kind of messed up. I have to really concentrate on the "U" to get it to go, so if there is one missing where there should be one, that's the reason. I tried to get them all, but I'm not sure. =]


Sunny said...

I have no idea about how that scale works. I hope you see the results you want soon!

Raymond and I LOVE that Pasta Roni flavor too! We could eat it all the time. It's so bad for you but it tastes so yummy! We try not to eat it too often.