Thursday, January 8, 2009

Where I came up with pFm

So.. just in case you were wondering where my name came from (no, it didn't just pop out of thin air) here is the answer.

I am very into writing - poetry, songs, blogs, etc. It is a great way for me to get out my feelings and emotions without always talking about it. Anyway, here is something that wrote in October and I reread it when I decided on this name.

All comments are greatly appreciated, but if you are going to be rude - just go away.

"A painted face.."
A smile is forced on her face in an effort to hide the tears, the broken heart, and the regret she carries everyday. The world sees her as perfect, delightful, and amazing at the same time she sees herself as a sinner, a troubled soul, and an embarassment. The world sees the smile she paints on her face knowing nothing of the problems and worries that plague her spirit, knowing not that she cries herself to sleep at night in some attempt to deal with the pain. She speaks to no one of her sorrows and regret - instead they slowly eat her alive. Each day it gets harder to pretend it is all okay and mask the tears behind her facial facade. She wonders when this nightmare will be done with and she can awake again and then she realizes that her life is this nightmare. She does not know how to cure or heal the pain in her heart so she paints her face into a smile while the tears she sheds slowly start to seap through her make up.