Saturday, February 28, 2009


Seriously, it might just be the best show that has ever been on television. I cannot tell you how much I adore Friends. I have every single episode on my iPod and I watch them on the plane, in the airport, sometimes even when I can't sleep at night haha. I have the box set and I record and watch nearly every episode that comes on TV. Talk about a tad of an obsession.

I don't know what it is but I truly love it. I remember being a sophomore in high school and my World History teacher watched it and it was the 9th season and it was supposed to be the last one, but they went on to do one more. Anyway, I remember him talking about how he was bummed that it was the last season (no one know they would do 10 seasons at that point). I thought it was really funny because I never really got it, also, I had never really watched it before. Sure I had caught a few episodes here and there and what-not but I had never really knew what went on with Ross and Rachel and that whole dynamic.

Anyway, I know it's kind of random but I'm just watching the one where Monica makes 12 lasagnas for her aunt and has to get rid of them because they weren't vegetarian.. anyway, I think it is the best show that ever lived and if you haven't seen it, you definately should. They air all the time on TBS. SO CHECK IT OUT!


PS. I love action shows: NCIS, The Unit, Bones, etc. but I love to laugh. I told John tonight that I think I'm more of a comedy girl than an action girl... it is definitely true!


Sunny said...

Raymond and I had never really watched "Friends" until after we got married. We ended up renting the whole 10 seasons over time and watched them all! We really liked it. I haven't watched them enough though to have favorite episodes or remember very many details about each show.