Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vanilla Hair

So, a few posts ago I talked about how I am obsessed with everything vanilla.. which is crazy because when I met my husband 3 years ago I hated it. He actually said, "But you hate vanilla!" when I told him about my current obsession.. talk about funny. So, it is so bad that I want to buy vanilla scented shampoo and conditioner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who has ever had vanilla scented hair?! Not me. I've done strawberry and coconut... but not vanilla. Anyway, I found out that Bath and Body Works has shampoo and conditioner in their Warm Vanilla Sugar scent... I AM SO ON BOARD! Well tonight I was at the drugstore and saw a brand that reminds me of Philosophy (due to the packaging) and it is called Organix. They have a vanilla scented shampoo & conditioner. Soo... I'm not sure which to go with. I've never heard of Organix before tonight so I'm not for sure... but at the same time, I've never heard that B&BW had hair products - granted I don't usually go in there and when I do, I go straight for the anti-bacterial soaps. Or should I go for the Philosophy one?! Anyway, just thought I'd see what you guys thought.



Sunny said...

I have always loved vanilla! If you try any of the shampoos, you'll have to let us know if you like them or not.