Friday, February 13, 2009

New Update.

Hey guys, sorry I have been MIA. I need to be better about updating this thing! Haha. Anyway, Saturday was my birthday and John and I went to Disneyland. It rained on us.. not too bad until about 10 then it got heavier and then stopped around 11:30ish until 2:30 or 3 and then was a downpour! But we had a blast. We had expected to stay until midnight when they closed but we got through everything we wanted to do/see, aside from the 2 things closed due to the rain, by noon. So we had lunch up by Splash Mountain at Hungry Bear Restaurant and then rode a few more rides that we wanted to do, then we went on the train twice in a row and had some toffee and a soda to share. When we were finishing up the last part of the first time around it started to rain again (that's the downpour one) so we rode it again. After that second time we got out and walked up Main Street, more on the side under awnings and inside stores, and then got to the locker where we put our ponchos back on and got the rest of our stuff. We looked through a few stores and weren't sure we wanted to buy anything but we browsed. Then we left the park and went into the big Disney store at Downtown Disney. After that, we made our way to the Disneyland Hotel where we were having dinner at Goofy's Kitchen. We went to the bathroom and changed.. well, just our socks since we had managed to stay mostly dry from the park to the hotel. Man! It is such a difference having your socks dry, even if your shoes are a bit wet.

After dinner, we left and were on our way home, about 7:15ish. We stopped at the Glendale Galleria which is about half way between home and Disneyland. I went into Sephora and MAC and bought some stuff at MAC for my birthday. I have a haul video on YouTube that you can check out to see what I bought.

Other than my birthday, my life has pretty much been uneventful. We did learn that we are getting a big tax return though which is nice. So we are able to go to Houston in May for John's grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary. We are also going to buy Annual Passes to Disneyland and are going back for his birthday and our anniversary in March. We want to go a bunch and we found out through this trip that we actually don't spend as much as we thought we did.. it is mainly just tickets and after going just 4 DAYS.. not times but actual days, it pays for itself since it is a Park Hopper and has free parking included in it and 10-15% off food and merchandise.

So anyway, thanks for reading this and I will try my hardest to update it =]

I love you all!