Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This next week and some packages!

Hey guys. So my last Coastal Scents order came in the mail today, I won't be buying from them anymore due to the fact that they called one of their customers ignorant for stating some facts that she had found out about Silica powder and then defended CS by saying they weren't the ones who were telling people to use it like MUFE HD Powder - so I will be buying the stuff I would have bought from CS on eBay, it is cheaper there anyway.

So anyway... the package came in today but it is at my husband's work since I have all my packages sent there because FedEx and UPS don't ship to our area until late at night. Well it came just after he left for lunch so it is still there with him but when he gets home I will open it and do a haul video for you guys.

Our new backpack came in too, at his office as well, and I'm super stoked! I saw it at Sports Authority since they were having a huge sale but it was cheaper online at I also bought a cosmetic bag that has yet to ship :( I measured my 88 palette and comparied to the dimensions that they gave and my palettes should fit, so here is to having our fingers crossed. Anyway.. check my YouTube ( later tonight to see the backpack and the CS order

For the next week, John and I will be at his parents house - they are going to Florida to visit Rhonda's (his Mama) sister. They leave tomorrow morning and come back next Wednesday. I will have my computer so I will be updating my blog but not sure if I will make any videos.. I have a few on here though so I might edit them tonight and then post them if you guys want to see them - just let me know =]

I hope you guys have a great week and I'll see you later tonight.